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Process Group Marathon

Process Group Marathon

2-day online CPD workshop

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March 10.00 – 17.00 GMT each day


John Paradise CTA(P) PTSTA(P)

Course Outline

This two-day Process Group marathon will allow you to experience yourself in a group setting.

  • How do you experience yourself in a group?
  • How do you typically experience others in group?
  • Our intra-psychic blueprint of groups is the family that we are born into and this can have a profound impact on us in our adult lives especially in any group setting.

Holding the theme ‘personal growth through contact’ we have a unique opportunity to explore what it is like to be in this group. What gets evoked within you? Perhaps the thought of a group feels exciting or even intimidating. We all bring our blueprints of groups.

We will explore the intra-psychic process of self within the group, and group within the self.  The power of a Process Group is allowing us the opportunity to explore the multiple perspectives and meanings that exist within the group. What we learn in a Process Group can of course be directly related to the practitioner’s clinical work.

The two days will be experiential and draw upon our co-created experience of being in a group. We will be drawing upon group theory from Berne (Transactional Analysis) and Tuckman & Jensen.  In the group you will have the opportunity to learn experientially how to:

  • Create and maintain a safe group setting and boundary
  • Use process contracting
  • The life and development of a group
  • The containment and boundaries of groups
  • Group contracting
  • Transferential relationship in groups
  • Endings in groups

As this Process Group will be meeting online this creates the opportunity for us to explore self in the virtual domain and consider what differences, if any there may be for us online.

Do I need to have experienced counselling or therapy before?

It is a requirement of joining the group that you are currently in ongoing personal therapy, however, you do not need to have experienced group therapy before.

The hours from this Process Group marathon can be counted towards UKCP and or CTA hours as other teaching (subject to the principal supervisor’s approval).


£204 inc VAT (Early Bird Rate until 16th February 2024)

£264 inc VAT (Full Rate)

Physis Scotland students 20% discount

Facilitator Biography

John Paradise CTA (P) PTSTA(P) is a UKCP registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Exeter where he also has a small supervision practice. John has a special interest in working with men, often in long-term therapy.  John is a lecturer in transactional analysis psychotherapy at Iron Mill College in Exeter and also holds qualifications in Neuro-Linguisitic programming (NLP) and clinical hypnotherapy.  John is a member of the UKCP HIPC Training Standards Committee.


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