How can we help you develop your counselling and psychotherapy skills?

Intrigued to explore what counselling and psychotherapy is? Interested in the Transactional Analysis (TA) modality? We have a number of training courses for you.

Getting Started

Taster Sessions
Join one of our taster sessions and explore what Transactional Analysis is.

Enjoyed a taster session? Want to develop further, sign up for a TA101.

Introduction to Counselling Skills
Working with people? Counselling skills can be applied to many work situations.

Training to Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Physis Scotland is a leading training provider in counselling and psychotherapy training and have the following courses leading to advanced qualifications.

Foundation Year: Certificate in Transactional Analysis
Dynamic training to enable you to apply the core concepts of TA theory to yourself and your relationships.

Advanced Years 1 & 2: Diploma in Counselling Using TA
Qualify as a TA counsellor after 3 years of training. Foundation Year Certificate followed by the Advanced Years 1 & 2.

Advanced Year 3
For students who want to progress to the CTA (Certified Transactional Analyst) qualification and membership of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Exam Preparation Group
Preparing for Diploma or CTA exam? Help maintain focus and motivation.

Advanced training for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Certificate in Couples Work
Practitioners looking to develop skills and experience working with couples.

Diploma in Counselling Supervision
Experienced counsellors and psychotherapists wishing to expand their practice.

Continuing Professional Development

A range of CPD courses for counsellors, psychotherapists, trainees and people in the work environment working with people.

"I liked how the course is structured and delivered. I loved the support and care present through the whole process."

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