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Course fees and other costs

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Psychotherapy and Counselling Training

Fees for our psychotherapy and counselling courses are paid on an annual basis. Physis Scotland is committed to making training accessible and inclusive, therefore it may be possible for both new and existing students to arrange to spread the course fee over three-termly instalments or ten-monthly instalments. If you feel you may wish to do this, please speak to us about this when you apply or register and download the Clinical Costs for 2024 – 2025 for further details on the payment options.

Once offered an unconditional place on Foundation Year, students are required to complete a registration form to accept and secure their place on the course formally. Equally, students progressing into Advanced clinical training are required to complete a registration form before the beginning of the new academic year to secure their place on the course. Please note, should a student choose to withdraw from the course upon confirmation and acceptance of a place, or before the end of the academic year, they will still be liable to pay the full year’s course fees.

Current fee guidelines and costing prompt sheet

TA Training Course Fees 2024-2025


Total training days

Instalments available

Total fee payable*




£240 (inc. VAT)

Foundation Year

20 (1 year)


£2880 (inc. VAT)

Each Advanced Training Year

20 (1 year)


£2880 (inc. VAT)

*Download the Clinical Costs for 2024 – 2025  to view instalment options and fees


Course fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to change at the start of each academic year. Course fees are normally increased by approximately the rate of inflation each year.

For those entering advanced training, you will also need to take into consideration the following:


Budget for a minimum 1 hour per month from as soon as you have a placement.

PTSTA supervisor fees vary from £50 to £70 per hour


TSTA supervisor fees vary from £65 to £75 per hour

Personal Therapy

You will require 40 hours therapy per year for 4 years, and to be committed to your personal therapy for the duration of your training. Currently ranges from £45 to £65 per individual session hour.


Group therapy may be at a lower cost, though it usually is in the form of a group membership fee and includes payment if you miss a group for any reason.

In addition

You will need access to word processing facilities and email throughout the training programme.

Remember to include the following at their appropriate current/annual rate:

  • UKATA Membership

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (once begin practice)

  • Books and Academic Journal subscriptions

Funding options

Our Diploma course is not Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funded. There are some bursary schemes available through UKATA and EATA, however, you will need to be a member of UKATA and have started Foundation Year to benefit from this. If you feel this may be of interest to you, please speak to us about this when you apply.

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