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Studying at Physis Scotland

Physis Scotland are a leading provider of Transactional Analysis psychotherapy and counselling training. Through our professional accredited training programme, you can join us for a brief introduction or continue through and become a fully qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.

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We offer qualified practitioners excellent professional development opportunities through our Advanced Training and extensive CPD programme.


Our training groups are kept small in number, with a maximum of 18 trainees per group, ensuring intimacy and high levels of individual support for each trainee. Provision of a personal tutor for each trainee also enables tutors to respond flexibly to the needs and specific interests of trainees within the structure of the curriculum. A strong and supportive bond between trainees is also encouraged.


We have built up a cohort of specialist trainers who are warm, friendly and approachable.


Find out more about our approach to learning and training.

“Overall, my training year exceeded my expectations and left a lasting impact on my personal and professional growth. The captivating course content, my tutor’s exceptional guidance, the powerful training weekends, and the transformative group process all contributed to an incredible learning journey. I am grateful for the experience and the profound transformation.”

Training that Empowers

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Physis Scotland seeks to empower, support and ‘stretch’ our students throughout their training in an open, inclusive, co-creative and safe environment.  We value the diverse range of backgrounds of our students. We will work with you to incorporate your unique life experience into your exciting journey of development as a practitioner.

Support for Everyone

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Our mission is to support every student to ‘grow beyond imagination’, by offering the highest standards and quality of training, development and student support to all those who learn with us.

Academic Excellence

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Train at post-graduate level 11 (Scottish framework) / level 7 (English/Welsh framework) with our highly skilled, innovative, and experienced teaching team.


At Physis Scotland, we equip our students to meet the highest standards of Psychotherapy accreditation in the UK and internationally, facilitating the growth of competent, robust, leading practitioners accredited by UKCP, BACP and COSCA.

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