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Low-Cost Counselling Service

Physis Scotland, in Partnership with UK Counselling Network CIC (UKCN)

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Physis Scotland in collaboration with Award-Winning Social Enterprise UK Counselling Network are passionate about delivering accessible, quality counselling and psychotherapy to all. We recognise that accessing quality therapy can be difficult because of lengthy waiting lists and high costs, and are delighted to offer our low-cost counselling service to people throughout Scotland on a low income.​

Service offered

The service is staffed by existing trainees in Advanced clinical training, all of whom have been endorsed to practice, are in regular supervision and are on the Physis Scotland Diploma in Counselling using Transactional Analysis (TA).

  • Generally assessed and starting with a counsellor within 4 weeks of your initial contact

  • Currently no waiting list for our service

  • Short and long term therapy available

  • Affordable price

  • Starting at just £25 a session with a sliding scale dependent on income

  • Therapy sessions are offered remotely via Zoom video chat, allowing you to join from the comfort of your own surroundings

How to apply

To access the service visit the UKCN website and complete the self-referral form.

Who we are

Physis Scotland and the UKCN share a passion for widening the access to quality counselling and psychotherapy and are delighted to offer this service.

The UKCN based in Yorkshire has been offering a low-cost counselling service in the UK and are proud to be expanding their service to Edinburgh.  Physis Scotland, based in Edinburgh, are a leading counselling & psychotherapy training organisation in the Transactional Analysis (TA) approach.

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We chose to work with Physis Scotland because of the high quality of their trainees.

Former UKCN Director Nathan Gould

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