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Training programme outline - routes and qualifications

The Physis Scotland Transactional Analysis training programme aims to develop psychotherapy and counselling practitioners of the future who are skilled, compassionate and robust to work confidently, competently and ethically with a wide range of adult client groups.

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Our training programme is designed to offer flexibility, helping support you in your professional journey and enabling you to gain your chosen professional Awards.


At Physis Scotland we use a 'spiral syllabus' model.  Each stage of training develops upon your learning from the previous stage, and material is revised and revisited throughout.  This model has been developed and refined over several years and has proven to be highly effective for systematically developing the core skills and knowledge required to practice in-depth psychotherapy and therapeutic counselling.


The Physis Scotland Transactional Analysis training programme is taught at academic Level 11 (Level 7 English and Welsh framework). The assessment strategy used at Physis Scotland is an integral aspect of the curriculum.

All assessments have been selected to facilitate your integration of theory and skills, to help you develop the key skills needed for effective therapeutic practice and to systematically develop the skills required for success in the Diploma, CTA and/or UKCP examination process.

Training begins with the TA 101: Understanding You, Me and Us, which provides a brief introduction to the major TA theories.


In the Foundation Year, following an introduction to counselling skills, each of the core concepts of TA theory is explored in an interactive and dynamic way, enabling you to apply them to yourself and your environment.

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Advanced Year One

Advanced Year One is the 'clinical year', in which the emphasis is on developing your basic clinical skills and revisiting TA theory from a clinical perspective. You will be introduced to a range of concepts and techniques applied in other modalities such as Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, along with more contemporary TA theory.


Once you have been endorsed to practice by your year trainer, you will begin the process of applying for a placement. We recognise this is often an exciting and daunting time for students and we have lots of support at hand to help you navigate this next stage in your transformational journey.

Advanced Year Two

Advanced Year Two is the 'depth year’ and involves deepening your clinical thinking and skills and includes integrating material from other approaches to add depth to your knowledge and skills.


Following successful completion of Advanced Year 2 you will have the opportunity to progress into Advanced Year 3 and complete your final year of core training to become an accredited Certified Transactional Analyst and/or UKCP registered Psychotherapist.

Advanced Year Three

Advanced Year Three is the 'consolidation year', where all previous TA theory is contrasted with other models and styles of psychotherapy at depth, and is consolidated into an integrated whole, and where depth and flexibility of your thinking and practice is developed.


Following successful completion of Advanced Year 3 you will have the opportunity to progress into an Exam Preparation Group to support you in your preparation towards becoming an accredited Certified Transactional Analyst and/or UKCP registered Psychotherapist.

Steps along the way

  • A prerequisite for entering any TA training course is completion of the 2-day internationally recognised TA101 Introduction to Transactional Analysis. This will introduce you to TA theory and give you a sense of the style of training that you will experience throughout your training journey.

  • The Foundation Certificate course includes a three-day Introduction to Counselling Skills module. The complete Foundation Year training is twenty days. As well as the three-day introduction to TA counselling skills course there are eight weekends of training in Transactional Analysis theory and application with an emphasis on experiential learning and personal development within the training group, plus one day of “whole programme training experience” known as the Physis Get Together Day, shared with the other Physis Scotland groups.

  • Please note, if you have completed COSCA’s Certificate in Counselling Skills course or have trained in any other types of Counselling, Psychotherapy or Psychology, you are still required to undertake the Foundation Year, as our training focuses specifically on Transactional Analysis theory.  The Foundation Certificate is also a requirement for further training in TA with Physis Scotland and other TA training institutes.

  • On successful completion of the Foundation Certificate training, measured by attendance, completion of assignments, and personal development, you may apply for advanced training for the Diploma in Counselling using TA and the ultimate qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). There is a total of 3 years of Advanced Training required for the CTA core training, 2 years for the Diploma. These advanced groups meet for 20 days per year including one day of “whole programme training experience” known as the Physis Get Together Day.

  • In the final stages of your preparation for the CTA exam and ultimate registration as a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist you can choose to join our Exam Preparation Group for support in successfully completing your written and oral exam processes.

Our training programme is designed to offer you the broadest range of options possible. We provide two educational Programmes that can lead to professional recognition as a counsellor and/or psychotherapist. These are:

  • Diploma in Counsellng using TA (COSCA Validated)

  • Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA)

  • Registration as a Psychotherapist with UKCP

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Paths to qualifications

Diagram showing the paths to qualifications

Requirements to apply for examination as a TA Psychotherapist with EATA

  • 300 hours TA training

  • 300 hours TA or other psychotherapy training

  • 150 hours supervision – 75 with a TSTA or PTSTA, 75 may be with a TA or other supervisor

  • 750 hours clinical experience – 500 hours as primary therapist, 50 hours with couples/groups/families, 200 hours of applied TA

  • 500 hours made up of other experiences of applying TA, e.g. personal therapy, supervision, workshops, training and attendance at conferences

Female student writing in a notebook
Female student writing in a notebook
Minimum requirements to qualify for registration with UKCP on completion
  • 900 hours tutor contact (training and supervision combined)

  • 450 hours supervised client work

  • Supervision ratio of 1 hour supervision to 6 hours client work

  • Minimum 2 years in supervised practice

  • At least 2 long term clients. Mix of long and short term work. Demonstrate experience of closure.

Personal therapy:  40 hours per year for minimum of 4 years and throughout the duration of training “congruent with the psychotherapy in which they are training….normally undergone with a UKCP registered psychotherapist or equivalent.

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