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CPD Programme

Already a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist? Or perhaps you are working with people in industry, healthcare or education?

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Physis Scotland is delighted to offer an exciting and stimulating suite of online and in-person workshops and Advanced courses throughout the year, designed with you in mind. Our in-person courses take place in our beautiful training rooms in Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh and enable you to connect and embody the learning experience in the physical presence of your co-participants. Our online workshops are delivered by Zoom technology and enable you to join us from the comfort of your own home, from wherever you are located around the globe.

Each workshop will be delivered by a practitioner with particular knowledge of the topic and considerable experience working in the area of focus.

Our workshops and Advanced courses are open to therapists from all modalities, and are specifically tailored to enhance your knowledge, skills and expertise.


Our CPD prices including VAT are as follows:

1 day workshop:

Our prices range between £100 – £125

2 day workshop:

Our prices range between £200 – £250

Evening Online Workshops

Prices vary


If you have any enquiries please contact us on 07927 557217 or email

Plaque with the words “Only ever look back to see how far you have come”
Jennie is a fantastic trainer. Warm and at ease with herself and her attendees. She made the subject come alive and gave me the confidence to believe that I too will be able to use this as a way of engaging with clients in the future.

The Art of the Therapeutic Storyteller CPD, April 2022

CPD Coming up
Rejection Sensitivity

Monday 22 July 2024 6pm - 8pm

Register by 20 July 2024

UndersTAnding Organisations

Thursday 15 August 2024 9am

Register by 15 August 2024

Certificate in Couples Work

Saturday 17 October 2024 1pm 

Register by 19 September 2024


Monday 29 July 2024 6pm - 8pm

Register by 27 July 2024

Certificate in Group Work

Saturday 17 August 2024 10am 

Register by 12 July 2024

UndersTAnding Organisations

Tuesday 30 July 2024 6pm

Register by 30 July 2024

Extended Training Group

Saturday 24 August 2024 10am 

Register by 13 July 2024

Previous CPD

Monday 17 June 2024 6pm - 8pm

Register by 15 June 2024

UndersTAnding Organisations

Thursday 11 July 2024 6pm

Register by 11 July 2024

Masterclass in Working with Couples

Friday 28 & Saturday 29 June 2024 10am

Register by 25 June 2024

Imposter Syndrome

Monday 15 July 2024 6pm

Register by 13 July 2024


Monday 8 July 2024 6pm

Register by 6 July 2024

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