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Physis All Together Day

Group of students gathered around picture cards
Female students chatting over coffee

The Physis All Together Day is a fantastic day where all Physis Scotland counselling students from across the training years come together to explore and celebrate difference, diversity, culture and social responsibility through an intersectional lens. All core tutors are involved in co-facilitating the day, and we are occasionally joined for the day by our External Examiner, who spends some time with our students to find out about their experience of studying at Physis Scotland.


The Physis Scotland All Together Day is:

  • Lively and interactive

  • A way of facilitating connections with other trainees and practitioners

  • Practically focused and practitioner led

The teaching and learning processes demonstrated in Physis Scotland’s programmes are innovative, creative and courageous. It is a brave Director of Learning that chooses to loosen up the teaching plan for an “All-Together Day” of 60+ participants and really go with the values of the organisation. The response from the learners, as they crafted their own learning that day, was one of deep trust for the organisation, respect and accepting the tension between freedom and responsibility. It was a beautiful piece of training to witness, with potent learning and connections taking place.

External Examiner, July 2022.

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