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Diploma in Counselling using TA: Advanced Year 1

Following the successful completion of the Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis Counselling, the second year of training (Advanced Year 1) will focus on developing your clinical skills and commencing a placement once you have been endorsed to practice by your year trainer. Increasing emphasis is placed on developing therapeutic relationships with clients, whilst developing a deeper awareness of your own internal process, considering how you are impacted in relationship and how you impact the other.

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Advanced Year 1 students 2023-2024


On successful completion of Advanced Year 1 you will be awarded a Physis Scotland Completion Certificate and will be eligible to progress into Advanced Year 2.

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There are 20 days of training comprising:


The Saturdays of each weekend will focus on developing theoretical understanding through a variety of methods including taught elements, experiential exercises, working in pairs and small groups, group discussion and group process. The focus on Sunday is developing clinical skills, which includes observed skills practice and feedback.

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Course Content

  • Beginnings - Group formation, Contracting Revisited, An Introduction to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

  • The Cathexis School, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Classical TA

  • The Redecision School and Gestalt, and Co-Creative Principles

  • Personality Adaptations

  • Integrative TA

  • Classical TA, Psychodynamic and Relational TA

  • Starting in Practice and Self Care

  • Difference and Diversity

  • Introduction to Attachment Theory

  • Endings in Therapy, Ethics, Presentations, Self and Peer Assessment

Each of these Advanced Year 1 training weekends will invite reflection on systemic, political, social, environmental, ecological, cultural and intersectional contexts (as relevant).


  • One 3000 word essay

  • One 3000 word presentation supporting paper

  • A 10-15 minute presentation (including supporting documentation)

  • Evidence of reflective learning journal

  • Minimum of 85% attendance

  • Observed skills practice

  • Ongoing participation in group discussion and process

Personal Therapy

A minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per year is a requirement for Advanced clinical training.

Applications for 2024

Please note all training days will take place in-person, except the 21st September mandatory online training day and the January training weekend which will take place online.

Course dates 2024/2025
  • 7th/8th September 2024

  • 21st September 2024

  • 5th/6th October 2024

  • 2nd/3rd November 2024

  • 16th November 2024

  • 7th/8th December 2024

  • 4th/5th January 2025

  • 1st/2nd February 2025

  • 1st/2nd March 2025

  • 5th April 2025

  • 3rd/4th May 2024

  • 7th/8th June 2024

Course tutor
Course Fees

The annual course fee for the Foundation Year programme for 2024/2025 is £2880 (inc. VAT).

Physis Scotland is committed to making training accessible and inclusive, therefore a 3-month payment plan or a 10-monthly payment plan is available – please do talk to us if this is of interest to you.

Full details of course costs and associated training costs (eg for therapy, student memberships etc) can be found on our fees page.

Any questions?
If you have any further questions about the course please contact 
or telephone Fiona Firman or Fiona Cook, Directors of Training, on 07927 557 217.
In-person at Physis Scotland,
22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN
I am finding the course content this year, as ever, fascinating and deeply valuable – both theoretically and personally. I think it’s working so well as a build on the Foundation Year – I can really appreciate the foundation that that first year has provided, and Advanced Year 1 really feels like every weekend is an addition and a build upon – adding colours to a new universe.

Advanced Year 1 student, Sarah, March 2023

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