Exam Preparation Groups - Online

Exam Preparation Group to help you Maintain Focus and Motivation

Maintaining focus and motivation in the exam prep period can often prove challenging for students when they have completed their formal TA training. Exam Preparation Groups provide ongoing stimulus, motivation, support and encouragement for those who are en route to their Diploma or CTA exam.

Commencing September 2020 – Online Group – book early as maximum 6 participants only

Learning is through active participation in the group, and includes advanced theory discussion, supervision of client work, managing the practicalities of the exam process itself, written exam support and mock oral exams. The groups aim to develop skills, competencies and perspectives that are part of becoming a fully fledged TA counsellor and/or psychotherapist, as well as providing peer support, and opportunity for celebration too!

Physis Scotland will be offering an ongoing Exam Preparation Group (6 days over 10 months) starting in September 2020 to support students who are preparing for their Diploma, accreditation or CTA exam. The group will be facilitated by Helen Rowland, PTSTA.  Helen having been the CTA Written Exam Coordinator, has fantastic experience.

The group will be open to students who have completed Foundation Year and Years 1 and 2 of Advanced TA training. It will be a closed group and have a maximum of 6 members.

All members of the groups will be in regular clinical supervision and will be engaged in preparation for their Diploma, accreditation or CTA exam.

Joining an Exam Preparation will enable you to:

  • Do transactional analysis through presentation and analysis of tapes;
  • Develop your identity as a practitioner through presentations of theory of your own choice/interest;
  • Extend your knowledge of TA and the psychotherapeutic process through planned teaching by your trainer;
  • Feel stimulated, stretched, focussed and motivated as you work towards achieving your goal;
  • Supervise each other’s practice – a fantastic way to develop a meta-view of psychotherapeutic work;
  • Familiarise yourself with the Diploma and CTA oral exam processes;
  • Receive group support and discussion about the CTA Written Exam preparation;
  • Participate in a mock exam – either candidate or examiner;
  • Learn tools and techniques to help you manage any anxiety around being observed and assessed;
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas;
  • Consider practical issues such as which recording equipment to use;
  • Familiarise yourself with the marking criteria;
  • Receive supervision on the exam process.

The content of the days will be contracted for at the beginning of each day, depending on the needs and wants of the group members.

Dates for Exam Prep Group 2020/2021

19 Sept 2020
14 Nov
16 Jan 2021
13 Mar
15 May
3 July


The fee for the group will be £480 (equivalent to £80 per full day group). This may be paid in one instalment due by 30th August 2020 or by 3 instalments.

To secure your place in the exam prep group, please email enquiries@physisscotland.co.uk or phone 07927 557217. Registration closes on the 30th August 2020.

Download the Exam Preparation Group Registration Form




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