TA101 - Understanding You, Me and Us

TA101 – Understanding You, Me and Us

The Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis


Fiona Cook, PTSTA and Fiona Firman, PTSTA highlight the benefits of the TA101 – Introduction to Transactional Analysis

About the Course

Transactional Analysis (TA) is an amazingly powerful psychological theory that has the surprising quality of being easily accessible for the newcomer, yet with a depth and complexity that can fascinate and satisfy practitioners for a lifetime.

TA is a powerful system of psychological models that can be used to understand and work with our personal and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace, in personal relationships, and in educational and training settings.

TA enables us to identify quickly and clearly:

  • where breakdowns in communication are taking place
  • where there are blocks to learning and development
  • where there are unrealised potentials within a team
  • how an organisation can maximise opportunities to achieve its potential
  • how to increase cooperation, collaboration and productivity within and across teams
  • what are our personal blocks to success and happiness.

TA also offers simple tools for making long lasting and far reaching change at a personal level, and across systems and organisations, enabling creativity, problem solving, effective communication and development. TA is used by management consultants, counsellors and psychotherapists, and educators.

The two-day TA101 course will provide you with a dynamic and interactive experience which will:

  • introduce you to the key theory of personality, communication and development
  • enable you to apply the theory to situations in your work and personal relationships
  • entitle you to receive the internationally recognised TA101 Certificate which is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to train further in TA.

Online and In-Person

We are delighted to offer both online TA101 courses, via Zoom and in-person at 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.  Please be sure to check the details on the booking page, as to whether the course you are signing up for is online or in-person.


£240 (inc. VAT) for self-funding individuals for the 2-day course or £270 (inc. VAT) for organisations.

Dates of TA101 Workshops

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2023 – Book Your Place Now

Bespoke TA101 workshops are available for staff groups

Bespoke sessions can be delivered at your location, targeting relevant content and processes for your particular workplace.

Please contact our Directors of Training Fiona Cook or Fiona Firman at enquiries@physisscotland.co.uk for further details and to discuss your requirements.

“Fi and Fifi are warm, funny, and down to earth.  They were incredibly generous with their own stories, and these really helped to illustrate the theory beautifully. They were knowledgeable and open to questioning throughout.  Furthermore, they were reflective and sensitive to the stories of others. I had a wonderful weekend and I have left with lots to unpack!”

TA 101, May 2022
"Fi and Fifi quickly established a safe and inclusive space in which I felt comfortable to fully engage in the course material. The material and delivery were incredibly engaging and thought provoking. I loved how we were invited to think critically about the theory and how we were welcomed to stretch and challenge along the way". TA 101, May 2022

TA101 Sessions Coming Up

January 20, 2024 10:00 am
TA 101 – Introduction to Transactional Analysis
Register by: 18 January 2024

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TA101 – Introduction to Transactional Analysis
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