Our Approach

Philosophy and Ethos

Physis Scotland is committed to offering in depth, post graduate counselling and psychotherapy training based firmly in the humanistic and integrative tradition and centred in the core theory of Transactional Analysis (TA).

Our Training provides:

  • Training at post graduate (Masters) level, using TA as the core theoretical model and including theory from psychodynamic, attachment, object relations, body psychotherapy, existential and other approaches
  • An emphasis not only on high standards of formal/academic training but also on the development and creative use of knowledge gained in training and practice, and of personal qualities of creativity, openness, warmth and maturity
  • An emphasis on the development and use of the psychotherapeutic relationship as the medium for change and growth, and the recognition of each person’s capacity for self- healing as a sovereign individual with responsibility for their self
  • Training that reflects the belief that individual growth and healing involves the integration of body, feeling, mind, soul and spirit
  • An individually focussed training process recognising difference and diversity
  • Training aimed to facilitate the development and commitment of energy to maintain the following goals:
    • Curiosity
    • Capacity for critical self-reflection
    • Capacity for self-directed learning
    • Ability to listen and respond with compassion and respect
    • Awareness of prejudice and the ability to respond openly to issues of difference and diversity of all kinds
    • Awareness and sensitivity to the political, social, cultural, religious and spiritual contexts of people’s lives
    • In-depth self-reflection
    • Self-awareness and commitment to self-development

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