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Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis

Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis

For mental health professionals, counsellors & psychotherapists

Are you interested in working with the body and looking to deepen your work with clients? Increase the complexity of your therapeutic palette, or anchor and integrate your working style in somatic psychotherapy theory.  Join this fascinating course.

Starting in January 2024, the Physis Scotland Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis course will be delivered in-person over 6 days of interactive and experiential training, over 4 months.

Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis

The Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis is suitable for practitioners from any modality who are already in practice and have had some experience of long-term work; from trainees in advanced training to seasoned practitioners.

The underpinning philosophical frame of this Certificate is one that considers the bodymind (Dewey, 1925/1981) as central to how we identify and relate and therefore central to therapeutic change and therapeutic relationship. It sees the somatic as a key gateway to working with unconscious process and a powerful tool for manifesting change.

This way of working is often briefly attended to in core training and tends to emerge as an area of interest for practitioners when beginning to work with more complex presentations, or when stuckness, stagnation, pain or any other unexplained “irrational” difficulties arise in therapeutic work.

The Certificate course will be delivered in person and will offer plenty of space for play, experiential learning and group process. There will be an emphasis on application to practice through triad work, observed practice and supervision, as well as an opportunity for integration with a broad range of theoretical concepts from transactional analysis, psychoanalysis, body psychotherapy and trauma informed psychotherapy, along with some new concepts developed and authored by the trainer.

This dynamic training will enable you to:

  • Become aware of your own body process and defences.
  • Become aware of and apply bodymind input to the therapeutic relationship and interventions.
  • Gain an understanding of trauma process.
  • Gain knowledge of a wide range of theoretical concepts of somatic orientated psychotherapy.
  • Develop your own sense of style of application of somatic Transactional Analysis in practice.

Course Content

The Certificate consists of three taught modules over three weekends and one assessment

Module 1: Mapping the Territory – Getting to know your bodymind, establishing contact, space and pace.

  • Overview of course and group contracting
  • Exploring motivations and identifying your learning edges
  • Communicating safety in somatic context – experimenting with grounding, rhythmic attunement and proxemics
  • Unearthing Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Listening with the body – experimenting with script protocol, body armour, social pain
  • Understanding the role of somatic process in unconscious process
  • Emerging ethical dilemmas
  • Observed skills practice and supervision

Module 2: Expanding the Frame – Moving through new territories, stretching beyond your comfort

  • Reframing stuckness in somatic and theoretical terms
  • Deepening contact – kinestethic responses, unconscious process and parallel process
  • Beyond Ego states – revisiting the role of the somatic in mental health
  • Linking body structure with personality structure. • Emerging ethical dilemmas
  • Observed skills practice and supervision.

Module 3: Standing in Your Boots – Developing your own style, taking space and experimenting with flow

  • Assessments
  • Somatic work in systemic context
  • Physis and the erotic
  • Revisiting your edge
  • Clarifying what you might need from supervision going forward
  • Closure and moving away


There will be an assessment during the final weekend where you will be asked to design a body orientated activity for a client/couple/group (anywhere between 2-10 minutes).

You will be asked to facilitate the exercise with the group followed by facilitating questions and answers about the theoretical underpinnings of your thinking. In addition, there will be an opportunity for group feedback about your activity, facilitation and theory.

2024 Course Dates

  • 13th/14th January 2024
  • 23rd/24th March 2024
  • 27th/28th April 2024

Course Fee

Certificate fee: £864 (Inc. VAT) (3 taught modules over 3 weekends).

£150 non- refundable deposit plus 3 x £238 if self-funding.

If you are being sponsored through your organisation, the fee is £1224 (Inc. VAT). £150 non-refundable deposit plus the remaining balance before the commencement of the course. Please note, that if your sponsoring organisation is a charity, the course fee is £864 (Inc. VAT).

A deposit as indicated above is required to secure your place. The balance may be paid in full 1 week before the start of the course, or spread over 3 instalments if self-funding, paid in January, March, and April. Please complete the appropriate section of the registration form to take up the instalment payments option.


We are delighted to offer the Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis in our beautiful premises in the West End of Edinburgh. Physis Scotland is located on the third floor of 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh, EH3 7RN.

Course Tutor

Ronen Stilman TSTA (P)

Ronen Stilman TSTA(P) MSc (TA psychotherapy) is a UKCP and COSCA registered psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, working with individuals, couples and practitioners in his Edinburgh centre practice and in Cyberspace. He has a keen interest in Humans and how they relate and identify in the context of culture, politics and society, integrating his background in technology and organisational change.


Following attendance of all three modules and successful completion of assessment in Module 3, you will receive a Certificate from Physis Scotland in “Somatic Transactional Analysis”.

How to apply for this course

To apply for the Certificate in Somatic Transactional Analysis, you need to complete and return an application form (link below), along with transferring your deposit in order to secure your place.

For further information contact or 07927 557217. The deadline for applications for the Certificate is 29th December 2023.

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