Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis

We are now accepting applications for our Foundation Year starting in September 2023.

We are delighted to confirm we will be offering two Foundation Year groups next academic year. One course will be starting in September 2023 and will be completely face-to-face in Edinburgh. The second course will be starting in October 2023 and will be a blend of face-to-face and online (2 weekends will be delivered online).

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Directors of Training Fiona Cook, PTSTA and Fiona Firman PTSTA introduce the Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis


  • Are you interested in taking Transactional Analysis to the next level after the TA101?
  • Are you a counsellor interested in adding to your knowledge and skills?
  • Do you have a professional role that involves personal interaction and want to develop your communication skills further?
  • Are you simply interested in investing in learning more about yourself and your interactions with others – at home, in your personal life and in your work life?

The Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

At Physis Scotland, we offer introductory training in TA theory and application delivered on 8 weekends, one per month, normally spread over an academic year, and four additional training days (Introduction to Counselling Skills and the Physis “Get Together” Day).

The Foundation Certificate in TA continues the style of the TA101 workshop, providing interactive and dynamic training to enable you to apply the core concepts of TA theory to yourself and your environment.

You may discover more options for relating with others, more ways of resolving conflict, and more possibilities for change in your own life experience. The focus is on applying the core theory to your own process and to your interactions with the trainer and the training group, enabling you to develop your understanding of yourself and others.

The Foundation Certificate is a 1 year Post Graduate level course that can exist as a standalone training experience, simply for personal development, or to enhance existing knowledge and training as a counsellor, or to facilitate your work in an organisation that requires interaction with others.

Please note, if you have trained in any other types of Counselling, Psychotherapy or Psychology, you are still required to undertake the Foundation Year, as our training focuses specifically on Transactional Analysis theory.  The Foundation Certificate is also a requirement for further training in TA with Physis Scotland and other TA training institutes.


“I feel the tutors have placed importance on and succeeded in creating group coherence and harmony. I especially enjoyed observing and experiencing the tutors teaching relationship which greatly enhanced the teaching weekends. The tutors have complemented each other with their diverse skills and gifts and my learning has definitely deepened and is richer and more meaningful because of their dual input”. Foundation Year student, Claire,  March 2023


Components of the Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Note: TA101 is a prerequisite of enrolling in the Foundation Year

Weekend Content

  • Philosophy of TA, Life Positions, Ego-States (Structural Model), Counselling Skills
  • Ego-States (Functional Model), Transactions and Strokes
  • Life Script and Script Analysis
  • Passivity, Discounting, Symbiosis and Frame of Reference
  • Racket Analysis and Authentic Emotions
  • Hungers, Time Structuring and Game Analysis
  • Contracting
  • Endings in Counselling, Ethics, Presentations and Peer Assessment

Each of these Foundation Year training weekends will invite reflection on systemic, political, social, environmental, ecological, cultural and intersectional contexts (as relevant).


  •  One 3000 word essay
  •  One 2500 word presentation supporting essay
  •  A 10-15 minute presentation (including supporting documentation)
  •  Evidence of reflective learning journal
  •  Minimum of 85% attendance
  •  Observed skills practice
  •  Ongoing participation in group discussion and process

Personal Therapy

A minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per year is a requirement for those wanting to progress into advanced clinical training. Whilst personal therapy is not a requirement in Foundation Year, we strongly recommend it in order to get the most from the programme.

2023/2024 Course Dates

The dates for our Foundation Year face-to-face course are as follows:

  • 22nd/23rd/24th September 2023 (Introduction to Counselling Skills)
  • 28th/29th October 2023
  • 25th/26th November 2023
  • 16th/17th December 2023
  • 27th/28th January 2024
  • 24th/25th February 2024
  • 23rd/24th March 2024
  • 13th April 2024 (Physis Get Together Day)
  • 25th/26th May 2024
  • 29th/30th June 2024

The dates for our Foundation Year blended delivery course are as follows:

  • 20th/21st/22nd October 2023 (Introduction to Counselling Skills)
  • 18th/19th November 2023
  • 16th/17th December 2023*
  • 20th/21st January 2024
  • 17th/18th February 2024
  • 16th/17th March 2024*
  • 13th April 2024 (Physis Get Together Day)
  • 18th/19th May 2024
  • 15th/16th June 2024
  • 13th/14th July 2024

*Both December and March weekends will take place online

Course Fee

The annual course fee for the Foundation Year programme for 2023/2024 is £2880 (inc. VAT).

Physis Scotland is committed to making training accessible and inclusive, therefore a 3-month payment plan or alternatively, a 10-monthly payment plan is available – please do talk to us if this is of interest to you.

Full details of course costs and associated training costs (eg for therapy, student memberships etc) can be found on our fees page.

Course Tutors

Fiona Cook, PTSTA and Fiona Firman, PTSTA


On successful completion of Foundation Year participants will be awarded a Physis Scotland Foundation Certificate and will be eligible to progress into Advanced Year 1.

How Do I Apply?

The Foundation Year information booklet and application form are available to download from the link below. Once we receive your application form we will invite you for an informal interview, which will take place online.

The informal interview is an assessment of the suitability of your personal qualities, relevant experience and development goals, as well as covering important information about the course. It will also give us an opportunity to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions about the course.

Finally, if you are successful at interview, we will contact you personally to advise you of your place on the course, subject to satisfactory references.

Places are limited and from our experience, we recommend applying as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. The application deadline for our face-to-face course is 25th August 2023. The application deadline for our blended delivery course is 22nd September 2023.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions about the course please contact or telephone Fiona Firman or Fiona Cook, Directors of Training, on 07927 557 217.

“I am enjoying everything about the course – the safe and holding space facilitated by Fi and Fifi; the theory of TA and active encouragement to wonder and challenge; the element of reflexivity and self-discovery; high standards of teaching; and the student support network (tutors, Academic and Placement support and the Student Mentor Scheme)”. Foundation Year student, Vicki, March 2023

Beyond the Foundation Year / Certificate in Transactional Analysis

If you find that you are really “bitten by the TA bug” at the end of the year you can opt to continue your TA journey through any of the options offered by Physis Scotland – Diploma in Counselling using TA or qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist (CTA).

Further Details


Physis TA Foundation Booklet

Download our 16 page booklet to find out more about the Foundation Year training including training dates
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Physis TA Foundation Application Form (Face-to-face)

Download the Physis TA Foundation Application Form (F2F)
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Physis TA Foundation Application Form (Blended)

Download the Physis TA Foundation Application Form (Blended)
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"The learning environment is warm, comforting and homely - it feels safe and welcoming when I arrive, and it is so different to any other learning environment I have experienced". Foundation Year student, Vicki, March 2023
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