Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis

We are currently accepting applications for our Foundation Year programme 2020/2021. Given the unprecedented times we currently find ourselves in, we are conducting interviews online for this September’s intake.

Places are limited and from our experience of the intake year 2019/2020, we recommend applying as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. Application deadline is the 28th August 2020.

For all enquiries relating to Foundation Year 2020/2021, please contact or telephone Fiona Firman or Fiona Cook, Directors of Training, on 07927 557 217.

  • Are you interested in taking Transactional Analysis to the next level after the TA101?
  • Are you a counsellor interested in adding to your knowledge and skills?
  • Do you have a professional role that involves personal interaction and want to develop your communication skills further?
  • Are you simply interested in investing in learning more about yourself and your interactions with others – at home, in your personal life and in your work life?

The Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

At Physis Scotland, we offer an introductory training in TA theory and application delivered on 8 weekends, one per month, normally spread over an academic year, and four additional training days (Introduction to Counselling Skills and the Physis “Get Together” Day).

The Foundation Certificate in TA continues the style of the TA101 workshop, providing interactive and dynamic training to enable you to apply the core concepts of TA theory to yourself and your environment.

You may discover more options for relating with others, more ways of resolving conflict, and more  possibilities for change in your own life experience. The focus is on applying the core theory to your own process and to your interactions with the trainer and the training group, enabling you to develop your understanding of yourself and others.

The Foundation Certificate is a 1 year Post Graduate level course which can exist as a standalone training experience, simply for personal development, or to enhance existing knowledge and training as a counsellor, or to facilitate your work in an organisation that requires interaction with others.

The Foundation Certificate is also a requirement for further training in TA with Physis Scotland and other TA training institutes.

“People as always for me are top of the list. The extent of the peer support has been invaluable and unexpected. They are my Ready brek glow.”

Components of the Certificate in Transactional Analysis

Note: TA101 is a prerequisite of enrolling in the Foundation Year


Weekend Content

  • Philosophy of TA, Life Positions, Ego-States (Structural model), Counselling Skills
  • Ego-States (Behavioural model), Transactions, Strokes, Time Structuring
  • Life Script and Script Analysis
  • Passivity, Discounting, Symbiosis and Frame of Reference
  • Racket Analysis and Authentic Emotions
  • Game Analysis
  • Contracting
  • Endings in Counselling, Ethics, Presentations and Peer Assessment


  •  One 3000 word essay
  •  One 2000 word presentation supporting paper
  •  A 10-15 minute presentation (including supporting documentation)
  •  Reflective learning journal
  •  Observed skills practice
  •  Ongoing participation in group discussion and process

Personal Therapy

A minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per year is a requirement for those wanting to progress into advanced clinical training. Whilst personal therapy is not a requirement in Foundation Year, we strongly recommend it in order to get the most from the programme.

2020/2021 Course Dates

  • 25th/26th/27th September 2020 (Introduction to Counselling Skills)
  • 24th/25th October 2020
  • 21st/22nd November 2020
  • 19th/20th December 2020
  • 30th/31st January 2021
  • 27th/28th February 2021
  • 27th March 2021 (Physis Get Together Day)
  • 24th/25th April 2021
  • 29th/30th May 2021
  • 26th/27th June 2021

TA Foundation Year 2020/21

Course tutors

Fiona Cook, PTSTA Fiona Firman, PTSTA and Sheila Beare, PTSTA


On successful completion of Foundation Year participants will be awarded a Physis Scotland Foundation Certificate and will be eligible to progress into Advanced Year 1.

“It has been a brilliant course and year – learning, laughter and tears. The content has been in depth, interesting and very clearly presented. The standard of teaching is consistently high, and the teaching and learning approaches have been varied. I have also learned much through excellent modelling. I have loved the high level of group cohesion which has allowed for more personal in-depth learning. This developed because of the safety created by the trainers.”

Beyond the Foundation Year / Certificate in Transactional Analysis

If you find that you are really “bitten by the TA bug” at the end of the year you can opt to continue your TA journey through any of the options offered by Physis Scotland – Diploma in Counselling using TA or qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist (CTA).

Further Details


Physis TA Foundation Booklet

Download our 10 page booklet to find out more about the Foundation Year training including training dates
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Physis TA Foundation Application Form

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"Drumsheugh is a safe haven. I know that walking through the door I’m under a (super hero style) protective shield, a safe place where I can completely let go or not if that is what I choose. I love the opportunity to listen, learn and experience through the group. I think everyone should have a Physis group."
Physis Scotland Foundation Year Students 2019/2020 Physis Scotland Foundation Year Students 2019/2020
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