Advanced Year 3 and beyond

Advanced Year 3

This year is intended for students who want to progress to the CTA (Certified Transactional Analyst) qualification and membership of the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

There are 20 days of training comprising:

The Saturdays of each weekend will focus on developing theoretical understanding through a variety of methods including taught elements, experiential exercises, working in pairs and small groups, group discussion and group process. The learning contract on Sunday is developed by the trainees and can include developing clinical skills, client presentation, supervision, exam preparation, mock exams and revisiting theory.

“I have really appreciated the group I was part of this year. It has felt a very supportive and safe space and I’ve welcomed the chance to learn more about myself in the group process. I have also enjoyed learning about the different schools of TA in more depth and this has really helped me to think about my identity as a therapist.”


Sample Content

  • Understanding Relationships
  • Trauma, Shock and Spiritual Crisis
  • Working with Shame and Defensive Processes
  • Understanding the Schizoid Process
  • Groups and Group Process
  • Finding Your Way With Personality Disorders – Narcissistic Structure and Process
  • Finding Your Way With Personality Disorders – Borderline Structure and Process
  • Difference and Diversity
  • Setting up Private Practice
  • Endings in Therapy, Ethics, Transcripts, Self and Peer Assessment

Each of these Advanced Year 3 training weekends will be explored through an intersectional lens, accounting for diversity, social responsibility and political contexts



  • One 3000 word essay
  • One 4000 word case study
  • Two pieces of transcript analysis (maximum 500 words each)
  • Supervisor’s Report
  • Reflective learning journal
  • Ongoing participation in group discussion and process


Personal Therapy

A minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy per year is a requirement for Advanced clinical training.

Course dates 2021/22

  • 25th/26th September 2021
  • 16th/17th October 2021
  • 6th/7th November 2021
  • 20th November 2021 (STAA conference)
  • 4th/5th December 2021
  • 22nd/23rd January 2022
  • 19th/20th February 2022
  • 19th/20th March 2022
  • 9th April 2022 (Physis Scotland Get Together Day)
  • 21st/22nd May 2022
  • 11th/12th June 2022

Course tutor 2021/2022

Susie Hewitt, PTSTA plus a range of visiting trainers



On successful completion of Advanced Year 3 participants will be awarded a Physis Scotland Completion Certificate and will be eligible to progress into an Exam Preparation Group.

“Susie has been a fantastic tutor, very knowledgeable. Each tutor brings their own experiences & style so I have found a real benefit to having different tutors over the 4 years. The fact that the course was continued so successfully during the Covid-19 crisis is a credit to Fi, Fifi and Susie.”
"I think the way the transition to online study was handled exceptionally well by the trainers and organisers. I felt well supported through the extra sessions that were offered. The flexibility that they introduced in terms of assignment deadlines, and time structure on the training weekends was very much appreciated."

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