Guide to Working With Transference in the Therapeutic Relationship

Guide to Working with Transference in the Therapeutic Relationship

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Helen Rowland PTSTA (P)

Who is it aimed at?

Practitioners at any level who want to extend their understanding and skills in working with transference.

Course Outline

An important part of the toolkit of a contemporary counsellor/psychotherapist, is knowing how to understand, interpret, and respond to the transference. The therapeutic relationship is unlike any other relationship, and being congruent doesn’t just mean doing or saying whatever comes into your head. A good therapist will be able to think about the different options and decide which is best for that particular client.

This workshop will give you the tools and the knowledge to make those decisions more clearly: the aim is to support you to be able to ‘think like a therapist’ when the countertransference strikes!


  • To help the practitioner understand the different kinds of transference and how they will produce different kinds of repetitions in the therapy room
  • To help the practitioner develop their understanding of the difference between working with content and working with process
  • To provide a simple and straightforward ‘checklist’, to prevent the practitioner from playing out unnecessary enactments with clients
  • To help the practitioner develop a straightforward set of skills which will bring the transference into the work, in a helpful and productive way for the client

Learning Outcomes

The practitioner will come away with a model for understanding how there are two different kinds of transference that create different kinds of repetition for clients.  They will develop a simple set of ideas about how to use the transference in the service of the client work.

Course Structure

Morning: will focus on developing an understanding of the theories of transference, and learning to distinguish between the different types

Afternoon: we will use case material brought  by the participants to look at practical applications in the therapy room

Facilitator’s Biography

Helen Rowland PTSTA (P) is a transactional analysis psychotherapist, supervisor, and trainer, based in Innerleithen in the Borders. She has been practising since 1997 and she has a special interest in cross modality and contemporary forms of psychotherapy and counselling that focus on the use of self and the therapeutic relationship. She has been practising online since 2018, offering supervision, training, and CPD in large and small groups online. She is also a coeditor of the Transactional Analysis Journal.

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