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Exciting Talent Joining the Team

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Hot off the Press

Exciting Talent Joining Our Core and Visiting Tutors Team

At the launch of our 2023/2024 academic year training programmes (scroll down for further info) we are super excited to announce a number of new core and visiting tutors to Physis Scotland:

  1. The highly skilled Helen Rowland TSTA, known to many of you as she has facilitated a number of our courses, will be our new Advanced Year 3 Core Tutor

  2. Norma Mckinnon Fathi, CTA and COSCA Accredited Trainer will be the Advanced Year 2 Core Tutor. Norma is currently a Director of Training for an integrative counselling course based in Glasgow

  3. Andy Williams TSTA, the renowned Director at TATO (TA Training Organisation) and our former external examiner is joining us Advanced Year 2 Visiting Tutor

  4. Ellaine Sweeting, PTSTA will be our Core Tutor for Advanced Year 1.  Ellaine is starting her PhD with Dr Mark Widdowson this year

  5. The two Directors of Training Fiona Firman PTSTA and Fiona Cook PTSTA remain at the helm and again will tutor the two Foundation Year cohorts

Susie Hewit TSTA, Ronen Stilman TSTA and NIcky Worrall TSTA continue to support a number of our programmes including CPDs and Diploma in Counselling Supervision and we are delighted they are part of our fabulous team.

Enormous thanks go to Sheila Beare PTSTA and Jennie Miller PTSTA for their hard work and energy, as they stand down in April as Partners and Core Tutors in the next Academic Year.  We are delighted they will still be part of our vibrant community, delivering a number of our courses.

Low-Cost Counselling Service

We are passionate about counselling services being open to all. In partnership with the award-winning social enterprise UK Counselling Network C.I.C, (UKCN), Physis Scotland offers a low-cost counselling service throughout Scotland.

The service is staffed by existing trainees in Advanced clinical training, all of whom have been endorsed to practice, are in regular supervision and are on the Physis Scotland Diploma in Counselling using Transactional Analysis (TA).

Sessions are set at affordable pricing, starting at £18 and on a sliding scale dependent on income.  If you know someone that might benefit from this service then please pass on this link to details on the website Low-Cost Counselling Service.


Have a Little Patience

Fiona Cook was inspired to draft a blog in early January with the title ‘Have a Little Patience’.  She had been pondering the need we can often have to put a positive spin at the start of a New Year. This can be tricky, especially in these times with the cost of living crisis. It was motivated by a social media post we released, with the message:

‘Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.’


Training or CPD Workshops Coming Up

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis 2023-24

Are you (or someone you know) thinking of training in counselling and psychotherapy or have a professional role that involves personal interaction and you would like to develop your communication skills?

The Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis – 1 year, part-time course, could be ideal. Applications are open for the following cohorts:

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis (In-Person) This course will be face-to-face in our beautiful training rooms in the West End of Edinburgh. Course commences 22nd September 2023


Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis (Blended) This course will be a blend of face-to-face in Edinburgh and 2 weekends online. Course commences 20th October 2023

Foundation Year tutors Fiona Firman, PTSTA and Fiona Cook, PTSTA share a little about the course in this video.

Certificate in Couples Work

Commencing April 2023 – places are still available, applications are welcome now.

Counsellors & psychotherapists who are beginners in this area or more experienced couple practitioners who may like to incorporate this training into their practice will find this course stimulating.

Tutor Jennie Miller, PTSTA is a couples expert, renowned author, trainer and psychotherapist. She will be delivering the course over 8 days of interactive and experiential training, in a four-month period.  Exploring all aspects of working with couples, Jennie will introduce you to her model ‘The Key to Couples Work’.

Enjoy this short video where Jennie introduces the course.

Diploma in Counselling Supervision 2023-24

Commencing September 2023

Experienced counsellors or psychotherapists, are you excited to expand your practice into Supervision? Applications open for this excellent course that has Advanced Specialist training recognition with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and awarded full COSCA validation.

Tutor Nicky Worrall TSTA, is an expert in this field, with her own psychotherapy and supervision practice.

TA101 Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA)

18th and 19th March 2023 Tutor Nicky Worrall, TSTA

Are you curious about who you are and wonder why you behave the way you do in certain situations?  Would you like to understand how we communicate and interact with ourselves and others? Or perhaps you personally found therapy or coaching helpful for you and would like to learn more about some of the tools?

If so, please join us for a fun, experiential weekend workshop. This may be the conduit to training further in counselling & psychotherapy or just give you a deeper understanding of interpersonal relationships.

Introduction to Counselling Skills

27th to 29th April 2023 Tutor Sheila Beare, PTSTAThis is an exciting opportunity to learn basic counselling skills. Perfect if you have been considering training in counselling & psychotherapy. Or your role professionally or personally, involves listening to people. Perhaps you would love to enhance your interpersonal relationships.Join this course and develop a number of skills including; active listening, responding reflectively and working with resistance.


Spring Learnings – Series of 2-hour Online Evening CPD Workshops

Fantastic opportunity to develop skills and enhance your knowledge with these stimulating, informative workshops – delivered by experts in their fields.

Wounded Healers in Action – Introduction to Trauma 22 February 2023 6pm to 8pm online Tutor: Ronen Stilman TSTA Book Now

Managing Your Energy Levels and Tiredness – A New Edge in Caring for Ourselves in Order to Care for Others 01 March 2023 6pm to 8pm online Tutor: Nea Clark PTSTA Book Now

Catching the Emotional Bullet 26 April 2023 6pm to 8pm online Tutor Ronen Stilman, TSTA (P) Book Now

CPD: Case Consultations – Rolling in the Deep

17th March 2023 – In-Person Tutor Ronen Stilman, TSTA

Engaging in case material brought by participants, as a Group you will pay attention to the somatic, symbolic and transferential. This will be done through play, experimentation and discussion along with formulating and paying attention to your own developmental focus as a practitioner.

The workshop will enhance therapeutic relationship and deepen professional identity.


We close this newsletter with huge congratulations to members of our team who became TSTAs in the last year, namely Susie Hewitt, Ronen Stilman, Helen Rowland and Nicky Worrall. This is the highest qualification achievable in the TA world and we are thrilled they have reached this pinnacle and that Physis Scotland and our students are benefitting from their incredible knowledge, skill and expertise.

An exciting 2023 stretches ahead.

Best wishes Fiona Firman and Fiona Cook


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