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Opportunities to Enhance Your Skills

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Hot off the Press

New Team Member

We’re thrilled to announce the newest member of our incredible team – Agnieszka Carruthers. Aggie has joined us to support some of our social media initiatives, for example ‘Theory Tuesday’. Aggie is not just a BACP registered counsellor but also a true enthusiast in the world of Transactional Analysis. She holds a Diploma in TA and a Masters in Pedagogy, showcasing her dedication to personal and professional growth.

Discover the Ideal Space for Your Practice at Physis Scotland

We are delighted that we have several trainees and qualified counsellors, utilising our cosy therapy rooms for their clients. At Physis Scotland, we understand the significance of creating a nurturing environment for both students and clients to flourish. Our carefully crafted rooms in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End are designed to offer a warm, welcoming, and intimate space for growth and success.

Our thoughtfully designed rooms cater to a variety of needs, providing the perfect backdrop for individual counselling, couples therapy, group sessions, family work, and even larger training groups. Whether you’re a newly qualified practitioner or a seasoned professional, our vibrant space awaits you.


New Developments

Behind the scenes, we are working on some exciting new developments. We hope to announce more about them in our next newsletter, which will be out in the Spring.


Physis Scotland Connect

Have you joined our after-training community members group, Physis Scotland Connect yet? It is run by the community with our support, for those who have completed at least a year of Core Training at either Physis Scotland, Physis Training, CPTI or EICP (and are no longer training there).  There are many benefits to joining including regular Connect gatherings, on Zoom, where former students come together to discuss topics, share ideas and support each other.

The next online event is:

Wednesday 7th February 2024 7.00 – 8.00pm GMT

The Language of Parts. Open Discussion

What negative connotations may this language have?

How do we relate this in TA? The moment we become curious about parts, might we be able to develop a different perspective and compassion for these parts? Might we have conflicting parts? How might we then think about integration? Please join us for an open discussion in considering these questions – and not all may be discussed or answered.


How are You Managing your Energy Levels while Studying and Juggling Life?

Fiona Melvin-Farr, our Marketing Consultant also runs an online health and wellness business.  Discover Fiona’s advice on energising your days, from keeping ourselves hydrated to getting outside and enjoying the fresh air – or even dancing around your kitchen.

Fiona’s top tips for managing your energy can be found in our latest blog.


Inspirational Training or CPD Clinical Masterclass Workshops

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis (in-person)

Applications are now open for the Foundation Year course commencing September 2024

An exciting opportunity to gain counselling and communications skills or perhaps even the beginning of a change in your career.

This stimulating course is offered over 10 weekends in 10 months. Join Fiona Cook, PTSTA and Fiona Firman PTSTA in our warm, relaxed spaces in the heart of the West End of Edinburgh and

  1. Launch your counselling and psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis with highly qualified tutors

  2. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with others

  3. Learn how to become more reflexive

  4. Revitalise your academic writing skills with support from our Academic Advisor

  5. Belong in a caring group environment where relationships matter

Completing a TA101 workshop is a requirement for joining the Foundation Year.

TA101 – Understanding You, Me and Us An Introduction to Transactional Analysis

2 day online 16th and 17th March 2024 Fiona Cook PTSTA and Fiona Firman PTSTA

Have you ever wondered why…..

  1. you do the things you do?

  2. you think the way you think?

  3. you behave the way you behave?

  4. you feel the way you feel?

  5. you are different from all others?

Then this is the course for you. The 2-day Introduction to Transactional Analysis (TA 101) answers these questions and many more offering a compassionate lens to take a closer look at how and why you fit into your world.

Diploma in Counselling Supervision

Commencing October 2024 Tutor Nicky Worrall, TSTA In-person and online

This popular and robust course is perfect for experienced counsellors or psychotherapists excited to expand their practice into Supervision. The Physis Scotland Diploma has Advanced Specialist training recognition with the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and awarded full COSCA validation.

The programme is an integrative supervision training drawing on TA philosophy and based on a wide range of theories. The Diploma is aligned with the BACP Supervision Core Competencies. Delivered over 10 days using a blended approach of face-to-face and online training, this will involve a highly interactive and experiential training process focusing on both supervisory skills and theoretical knowledge.

Knowledge of Transactional Analysis (TA) is not a prerequisite for this course.

Certificate in Couples Work

Commencing April 2024 Tutor Jennie Miller, PSTA In-person and online

Dedicated counsellors and passionate psychotherapists, are you ready to develop your skills in the specialist field of Couples Work?  If so, we have fantastic news for you.

Introducing the transformative Certificate in Couples Work, led by the incredible trainer and renowned author, Jennie Miller, PTSTA.  This is your chance to specialise in the field of helping couples thrive.

Under Jennie’s guidance, you will learn the skills of Couples Work through her model ‘The Key to Couples Work’.  Get ready to explore every facet of working with couples, gaining insights that will set you apart.

Over four months, you will experience 8 days of interactive and experiential training.  Held on Fridays and Saturdays, the course will be delivered by a blended approach of online and face-to-face training.

Knowledge of Transactional Analysis (TA) is not a requirement for this course.

Jennie Miller, PTSTA shares a snapshot of the Course.

Taster Couples Work

Online evening workshop 21st February 2024 18.00 – 19.30 GMT Jennie Miller, PTSTA

“When will we three meet again…”

Have you considered couples work but found the thought of moving from one client to two daunting? Maybe you have tried it and found it challenging in unexpected ways. This workshop will lift the curtain on what are the differences, challenges and how training in couples work can be stimulating and rewarding.

Certificate in Group Work

Commencing April 2024 Tutor Bev Gibbons TSTA (P) In-person and online

Are you eager to enhance your expertise in group facilitation and training?

Join this outstanding course, specifically designed to benefit professionals in counselling, psychotherapy, social work, teaching, HR, and all other caring fields. this interactive and experiential learning journey will immerse participants in the principles of “we-ness,” present-centred relating, and shared responsibility as outlined by Tudor and Summers (2015).

The dynamic Certificate course is open to participants from all modalities of psychotherapy.

CPD: Deep Dive Series of Workshops for Students and Newly Qualified Practitioners

2-hour evening online workshops – only £10. Book the first 4 and join the 5th for FREE – see website for details. Ben Groves CTA (P)

Expand your knowledge and gain confidence in applying TA skills to your practice.

1. Relationship Centred Permission, Protection and Potency

 Monday, 4th March 2024 18:00 – 20:00 GMT

2. Understanding and Treating Shame

 Monday, 11th March 2024 18:00 – 20:00 GMT

3️. Many Chairs to Explore the Multiplicity of Self

 Monday, 18th March 2024 18:00 – 20:00 GMT

4️. Script System as a Diagnostic Tool

 Monday, 25th March 2024 18:00 – 20:00 GMT

5. Undeveloped Self Model, a way of Understanding Trauma in 3rd Order Structure

CPD: Process Group Therapy Marathon

2-day online Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March 2024 John Paradise CTA(P) PTSTA(P)

The opportunity to experience yourself in a group therapy setting. An experiential workshop drawing upon our co-created experience of being in a group – will help you explore areas such as contracting, boundaries and the use of a group to facilitate change.

John will be drawing upon group theory from Berne (Transactional Analysis) and Tuckman & Jensen.

Places are limited to 12 – don’t miss out, sign up now.


As the days begin to lighten, we are loving the vibrancy that our students and tutors are bringing to Drumsheugh Gardens and online.  We hope those of you who are currently studying with us are feeling stimulated, challenged and enjoying your time together with fellow students.

Perhaps some of the exciting courses and CPD workshops we have in the pipeline will appeal and we look forward to welcoming future students to Physis Scotland.

If you have any questions about any of the courses drop us an email or call the mobile at 07927 557217.

Warm wishes

Fiona Firman and Fiona Cook Directors of Training, Physis Scotland


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