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Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations

Physis Scotland is delighted to launch a Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations: A Relationship Centred Approach using TA commencing in October 2024. The aim of the Diploma is to enable those working in organisations to enhance their effectiveness and impact in their current role and/or future career. 

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This two year programme is designed in two parts:


  • one year of TA study, delivered over 10 online sessions, focused on the individual and the group.

  • one year of TA study, delivered over 10 online sessions, focused on the organisation and the system.


Either year can be undertaken as a standalone course leading to a certificate in Organisational TA.  Completing both years will lead to a Physis Scotland Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations, providing other criteria are met.

Physis Scotland tutor Fiona Cook using a laptop

About the course

This programme is designed to be relevant to a broad spectrum of people working in organisations.  Here are some typical needs that this programme will address:


  • Are you feeling challenged by people issues or working through others in your managerial or leadership role?

  • Are you looking to equip yourself for your next career move or even a shift of career?

  • Are in a professional role – such as Project Manager, Coach, OD, HR or Business Consultant - looking to enhance your skill set and understanding of organisations - their structure and dynamics?

  • Are you seeking to become more effective as a leader, to see the bigger picture and think strategically?

  • Perhaps you're a group leader wanting to enhance your understanding of group dynamics.

  • Are you a therapist eager to find other ways to support clients with workplace issues in therapy?

  • Maybe you are familiar with TA or psychotherapy and are curious about what TA has to offer the organizational domain?


Look no further.  This programme will set you up on a professional journey to either enhance your effectiveness and impact in your current role or help you transition into a role beyond your imagination.


Our dynamic Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations: A Relationship Centred Approach, draws on TA theories and concepts, supported by a range of other recognised organisational theories to facilitate your learning and growth.  However, we understand that adult learning is not just about good content and needs to engage you in thinking through how this can be applied to a group or organisation you know well through rich conversation and group activities.


Our programme has been designed by our highly experienced and internationally acclaimed Organisational TA practitioners with your needs in mind. Delivered online over 10 modules each year, enabling you to join us from the comfort of your home and from wherever you are located around the globe. Sessions are held on a Thursday evening, Friday daytime and Saturday morning, offering maximum flexibility to enable you to successfully complete your chosen path.

Pre-course requirements

We strive to be as inclusive, fair and flexible as possible in all respects. In terms of admissions, this means that whilst this course is taught and assessed at post-graduate academic Level (e.g. Level 11 in the Scottish Framework and Level 7 in the English/Welsh Framework), you do not need to be a graduate to apply.


In order to take part in this approach to learning at this level, you will ideally need an organisational context to frame your learning, which can be a group, business or an organisation that is familiar to you, and a certain level of understanding of the core principles and theory of TA.  Ordinarily this will be obtained through the following route:

  • Completion of a TA 101 course

  • Successful completion of the Foundation Year in TA from any registered training institutes around the globe.

For those who have not followed this route and have some but limited knowledge of TA, we are delighted to offer an alternative route for you as follows:

  • Completion of a TA101 course within the past 3 years,

  • Some previous exposure to Transactional Analysis,

  • Experience of learning in a group or other advanced professional training,

  • Undertaken the recommended reading (TA Today: A New Introduction to Transactional Analysis by Ian Stewart and Vann Joines and Transactional Analysis for Trainers by Julie Hay),

  • Prepared written responses to 12 questions to demonstrate knowledge, understanding of core TA theory and reflected on their written answers with a programme facilitator.


Online via Zoom

2024/2025 Course dates and timings
  • 10th/11th/12th October 2024

  • 14th/15th/16th November 2024

  • 12th/13th/14th December 2024

  • 16th/17th/18th January 2025

  • 13th/14th/15th February 2025

  • 6th/7th/8th March 2025

  • 3rd/4th/5th April 2025

  • 8th/9th/10th May 2025

  • 29th/30th/31st May 2025

  • 26th/27th/28th June 2025

  • Thursday evening timings:
    6.00pm – 8.00 pm (BST)

  • Friday daytime timings:
    9.00am – 5.00 pm (BST)

  • Saturday morning timings:
    9.00am – 1.00 pm (BST)

Course fee

Annual course fee for 2024/2025 is £2,880 (inc. VAT). If you are being sponsored through your organisation, the fee is £3,240 (inc.VAT). If your sponsoring organisation is a charity, the fee is £2,880 (inc. VAT).  Physis Scotland is committed to making training accessible and inclusive, therefore a termly payment plan or alternatively, a 10-month payment plan is available. 

How do I apply?

The Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations: A Relationship Centred Approach Using TA information booklet and application form are available to download from the link below. Once we receive your application form we will invite you to attend an informal interview, which will take place online.


The informal interview is an assessment of the suitability of your personal and professional qualities, relevant experience and developmental goals, as well as covering information about the course. It will also allow us to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions about the course.


Finally, if you are successful at interview, we will contact you personally to advise you of your place on the course, subject to satisfactory references.


Places are limited and we recommend applying as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The application deadline is 29th August 2024.

Any questions
If you have any further questions about our Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations course please telephone Fiona Firman or Fiona Cook, Directors of Training, on 07927 557 217 or email

Course content and assessment:

The Individual and the Group

This comprises one year of TA study, delivered over 10 online sessions. Course content will include:


  • Enhancing communication and business conversations

  • Relationship based psychological safety

  • Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry

  • Groups, teams and high-performance Teams

  • Facilitating Adult learning and change

  • Understanding culture

  • Ethics

  • Understanding group process and group dynamics


Assessment will include:


  • One 2,500-word essay

  • One 5-minute client recording, ‘front sheet’ and written transcript, shared with the group

  • Presentation of learning application at the final weekend

  • 1-2-1 tutorial during the year with a course tutor

An old-fashioned alarm clock sitting non a table
Physis Scotland tutor Fiona Firman

The Organisation and the System


This comprises one year of TA study, delivered over 10 online sessions. Course content will include:


  • Understanding organisations through the lens of Transactional Analysis

  • Leadership and power

  • Communication in organisations

  • The organisational intervenor

  • Understanding organisational culture

  • Bringing about change

  • Organisation development


Assessment will include:


  • One 3,000-word case study 

  • One 5-minute client recording, ‘front sheet’ and written transcript, shared with the group

  • Presentation of learning application at the final weekend

  • 1-2-1 tutorial during the year with a course tutor


Upon successful completion of the two year course, you will be awarded the Physis Scotland Diploma in UndersTAnding Organisations: A Relationship Centred Approach Using TA.


Join us on this enriching journey towards becoming an even more effective and confident organisational practitioner. Apply now and unlock new unimaginable possibilities in your organisational career!

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