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Finding the Strength Through Difficult Times

Finding the Strength Through Difficult Times

Fi and Fifi debut as podcasters

Fiona Firman and Fiona Cook were thrilled and honoured to be featured on the fantastic podcast ‘Choosing Change’ with the incredible Lizzie Moult.  Sharing their life lessons ‘Finding the Strength to Plough Through Difficult Times‘, Fi and Fifi deliver powerful stories of resilience and how they found the inner strength to transform their lives.

Highlights from the episode:

  1. Human beings are more resilient than we imagine, and we have the inner strength and drive to survive even in difficult times.

  2. Vulnerability can be a strength – asking for help is courageous and allows us to rewrite our “scripts” and shape our futures.

  3. Isolation is often part of difficult times, but taking action like travelling far away or seeing a therapist can help break that isolation.

  4. We all have difficult pasts, but they can become our greatest asset by helping us support others through their challenges.

  5. Even when it feels impossible, harnessing that small inner spark of wanting change and following curiosity can help us find the strength to keep going.


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