March 10, 2022

Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

Physis Scotland, like so many other individuals and organisations, are deeply concerned and impacted by the war and humanitarian catastrophe happening in Ukraine and want to do something to help. The two Fionas met with Maria yesterday, one of our Physis Scotland students living and working in Ukraine to connect, offer our support and ask for her advice about how best to help. Maria has suggested two ways we can help:
  • Maria has kindly provided details of reputable organisations local to Ukraine where people can donate. Please see the link below, along with details of an additional organisation, ‘Still Loving Life’, Maria has asked us to specifically support.
Company Name
  • Alternatively, Maria has suggested making a donation through large organisations like the British Red Cross or The Disasters Emergency Committee. Financial aid through the DEC is more welcome as they can purchase at a much cheaper cost exactly the items that are needed, they have the distribution structure in place and the experts in humanitarian work to deliver and care. Please see the link below:
Thank you so much for your support and please share.
We continue to hold Maria and our friends, colleagues and the people of Ukraine in our minds and hearts.

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