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The excitement and the edge

A lot has happened since our last blog on the website. We have been working away in the background with various esteemed colleagues and friends who are helping us with the who, what and why of Physis Scotland and how best to present to the world about who we are and why we are here.

Essentially, relationships are at the heart of what we do. Relationship with ourselves first and foremost so we know why we are doing something, in this case for us working at Physis Scotland, and then relationships with others. ‘Others’ have been experienced colleagues who are keen to help us with sharing and marketing our passion for TA, or ‘others’ have been prospective students or people interested to find out more about what we do. In all the contact with ‘others’ we have had recently through meetings, social media, open mornings, taster evenings, TA 101s, interviews, we have had some really interesting discussions where we have tussled with the dichotomy of TA being the most wonderful, life changing thing that has ever happened to us, and paradoxically, has also has brought with it alongside an ‘edge’ of discovery, that has been uncomfortable at times. A bit like childbirth for those of us who have experienced pregnancy.

If we were to consider our work in Physis akin to pregnancy and childbirth, there is a lot to learn as we transition and grow with Physis and especially as we embark on starting a new Foundation Year in September 2018. It is very, very exciting and also has its own edge and a big responsibility for both of us and the prospective students who are applying. We have a responsibility to create an environment where students will thrive and flourish, where the teaching and learning is of the highest standard, where they and we will be supported and stretched to grow and, equally, they have a responsibility to monitor their individual progress with support from peers and us.

These last few months have been hard work, but if it was all easy, we would not feel as if we had achieved anything. The excitement and the edge continue and we would not have it any other way.


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