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Surround Yourself with a Great Team

Fiona Firman PTSTA and Fiona Cook PTSTA, Directors at Physis Scotland, share their thoughts on the power of surrounding yourself with a great team. 

The start of a New Year and despite the obvious continuing challenges, we are excited for the year ahead, to bring excellent training to the counselling community and work with our fabulous colleagues.

We have recognised the power of surrounding ourselves with a great team – we are most definitely more effective than the sum of our individual parts.  As a small organisation, with limited resources, but a need to tap into talent, we are so proud to have built a team of fantastic people with different skills and attributes. This is allowing us to benefit from their skills, while we focus on our strengths – continuing to lead and direct the present and the future of Physis Scotland.

And wow what a team we have grown over the last couple of years.  Without doubt, the most important must be our magnificent, expert Transactional Analysis trainers and student support team who ensure we can all deliver our outstanding training and CPD programmes.  They have embraced our values and brought their own uniqueness and expertise, providing such a variety of insights for our students.  We learn daily from them and love the dynamic they bring to Physis Scotland.

Behind the scenes, and perhaps you could describe as the calvary to stop us falling over, are the fabulous finance, marketing, web development, administration and IT support consultants that all bring energy and ability. Their complementary skills are vital for the operation of the business and the backbone that keeps us being able to achieve our goals for our students and the TA community, both in Scotland and further afield.

Our key observations in building this team, are to recognise our own strengths and learning edges, whilst recognising there is amazing talent out there! We are constantly seeking and securing that talent which can bring in the expertise to grow the business and deliver for our students, the wider TA community and colleagues from other modalities.  We are so grateful to have our Physis Scotland team. Thank you to all our colleagues and we look forward to another great year of teamwork in 2021.

Fiona Firman and Fiona Cook



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