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It’s A New Dawn!

As we put our clocks forward and enjoy the delights of the sunshine and warmer weather,  Fifi Cook, Physis Scotland’s Director of Training, is reflecting on the challenges of the past two years and invites us to embrace a ‘new dawn’ as we enter a new space. Enjoy Fifi’s blog post…

Well how may of us are glad that we have just put our clocks forward for the summer and somehow, never mind how many years of our life we have done this daylight saving rigmarole of changing clocks, that this feels like a new dawn, a new beginning and a new space to enter.

This last weekend was the 2-year anniversary of lockdown in the UK and we have all experienced an enforced period of segregation, isolation, darkness and loss. I know I have felt depleted and many of my human hungers have not been realised or met other than the online experience of staring at faces in their boxes on a screen. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sure how I would have felt if we had not had all this advanced technology to keep communication channels going, but it has not felt the same, has it?

Yesterday our Foundation students met for the first time in Drumsheugh face to face. It was an emotional time. We have only ever met on zoom

in all this time. We hugged each other, we laughed with each other, we cried together, we smelt each other, we learned together and we felt and experienced each other differently. It was glorious and it felt like it was indeed a new dawn. A new beginning. The Physis home felt safe and familiar for us all despite most of the group never having been there before. It felt safe and right to be back home.

The whole concept of Physis from our beginning has always been one that is relationship centred. We all matter and are important and how we are with each other matters a great deal. The weekend before last we hosted two guests Sue Brady and Pietro Cardile from UKATA our UK professional association who were completing their quinquennial review of the work we do at Physis. We had the Advanced Year 2 group in for their weekend and other students, teachers and colleagues who all came to support us on this important day. I felt very emotional when I saw the care and support from all who gave of their precious time on a Saturday to do this. Leaving what seemed like no stone unturned, our auditors, our guests left us at the end of the day with a very positive outcome of the review as they had absolutely no recommendations and no requirements for us to take on board as we proceed. Just keep doing what we are doing.

Somehow this also felt like a new dawn and a new beginning. Permission to carry on doing what we intuitively have believed was the right approach for us to grow, learn and flourish together from the start.

What we focus on grows and expands and my hope is that we all stride boldly into this new dawn that feels like a new beginning and relish the prospect of what we will discover as we do.

Meantime please enjoy the longer days, the beautiful spring flowers, the beautiful weather we have been experiencing and also that fact that we can hug and smell and be with other now in a way we have not been permitted to experience or enjoy for two years.

Relish the new dawn. It’s a new beginning..


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