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Introducing the Dynamic Duo!

People who know us have called us the dynamic duo. Yes there are two of us, and we are both called Fiona, but are we really dynamic? We decided to look the word dynamic up and here are some of the synonyms for the word we found. Lively, active, go ahead, self-motivated and energetic. Wow are we really what these words signify? Is this how others see us?

For those of you who have not met us, we are the 2 Fiona’s who are making strides to gradually take over the Physis training programme, the only TA training programme in Scotland. It is a daunting prospect, particularly because we have so much respect for the very esteemed Barbara Clarkson, current Director of Physis. Her knowledge, skill and competence is amazing and we feel very novice in comparison.

However if we were to measure us against the words to describe dynamic, we think we both are lively and energetic. We certainly have lots of energy and are targeting this in the right direction we believe. We are passionate about TA and keeping a strong presence with the TA community in Scotland. As well as working hard to recruit a Foundation Year in September 2018, we are putting together a very exciting CPD programme commencing in Autumn 2018, where we anticipate colleagues from across the country will come together to work and learn together.

We are keen to discover from you, our colleagues, about the kind of subjects that you would like to learn more about, or perhaps even offer to provide some training for us? Give it a thought, because we know there are many of you out there who are very experienced and we want to learn from you too. In that sense we are active, using social media and our contacts to help us promote the wonderful essence of TA to help us and others to live their lives well and to our full potential. So you can help us by sharing our events when you see us advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We would really appreciate that!

Are we self motivated? Yes and no. We do want to make a success of this, but not to promote ourselves. We are simply trying our best to provide a full training programme, at a reasonable cost, which will support the community in Scotland to develop. So hopefully we are motivated on a range of levels to provide the best we can with your help.

Watch this space for more information as we continue to work together, so we can be a dynamic country, a vibrant united community.

You can find out more about us on our “People” page

If you would like more information about future Physis TA101 workshops or Foundation Year, please contact Fiona and Fiona on


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