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Exciting New Developments at Physis Scotland

Hot of the Press

Low-Cost Counselling Service We are thrilled to announce that Physis Scotland has joined forces with UK Counselling Network (UKCN), a social enterprise, to offer a low-cost counselling service to people in Edinburgh on a low income.  Launching in March 2022, we are excited to be able to offer this valuable service to clients and give our advanced trainees the opportunity of developing their clinical practice.

The service will be facilitated by UKCN, who specialise in this service and students interested in applying should contact Jamie Jefferys, Placement Co-ordinator for more information and to submit an application.

Trainees can meet with their clients, face-to-face at Physis Scotland, 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.  There will be an opportunity to offer an online service for those of you not based in Edinburgh (conditions apply).

To find out more, please visit UKCN

Physis Scotland Connect Recently launched Physis Scotland Connect is our after-training community. Offering support through online gatherings and many additional benefits, membership is open to all Physis Scotland trainees who have completed at least a full year of Core Training. You can have undertaken your training with Physis Scotland, Physis Training, CPTI or EICP.

Next Event

Saturday 12th March. 2022, 10.00 -11.00 am Trauma & TA (Online via Zoom. Members will be sent the link to join)

The impact of trauma has become an increasingly recognised part of therapy. How important is it for us as therapists to be “trauma-informed” and what does that mean?

An informal conversation between two TA therapists, Fiona Brien and Jane Cox, about the presence of trauma in their clients, how it presents itself and what tools they have found useful to help the client. The format of the morning will be a 30-minute conversation between Fiona and Jane, followed by an open audience discussion. Useful reading and audio list will be made available.

Physis Scotland Blog

I Got the Prize

Advanced Year 1 student, Suzie Yosef, recently had a profound life-changing experience as a result of her TA training. Suzie shared how she was enabled to make a Redecision from when she was 5 years old.

Thank you to Suzie for sharing her experience. Catch her story in our Blog.

We welcome blog ideas/stories from students or trainers.  If you would be interested, please get in touch.

Opportunities for training or online CPD workshops at Physis Scotland

Certificate Courses

Certificate in Working With and Facilitating Groups

Commencing March 2022 – book on this course now.

Join this excellent course for an opportunity to develop your skills in Group Facilitation and the running of Therapy Groups.  Modules will include topics such as group theory, planning groups, group development and participation in an experiential group.

This 6-day (over 3 weekends) online certificate course will be delivered over Zoom, allowing you to join from any location.  This course is for counsellors and therapists.  Also ideal for people working in the caring profession.

Tutor Susie Hewitt, TSTA  Hear more about the course from Susie in this short video.

Certificate in Couples Work

Commencing April 2022 – registration open

For counsellors & psychotherapists who are beginners in this area or more experienced couple practitioners who may like to incorporate this training into their practice.

Exploring all aspects of working with couples, experienced tutor Jennie Miller, PTSTA will introduce you to her model ‘The Key to Couples Work’i

Jennie shares more about the course in this short video.

Delivered over 6 days (3 weekends) using the online platform Zoom, to allow you to participate from the comfort of your own home and from all corners of the globe.

Knowledge of Transactional Analysis (TA) is not a requirement for this course.

Evening TA Taster Session

2nd February 2022

Are you, or someone you know, considering training in counselling & psychotherapy but would like to understand more about what it involves? Would you like to find out how TA differs from other counselling and psychotherapy modalities? Interested in hearing about the different levels of training and what Physis Scotland can offer you?

Join this relaxed online evening Taster session, meet the Directors of Training and get those questions answered.

Only £15

Registration closing soon, book now


12th & 13th February 2022

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and others? Wanting to feel more empowered in your personal and professional relationships? The TA 101 course could be just what you’re looking for! Join us for a fun, informative, experiential weekend online course, internationally recognised, where you will be taken on a whistle-stop tour of the key principles of Transactional Analysis. We will introduce you to a number of theories and concepts about communication and human behaviour, which you will be able to take forward into your personal and professional relationships. Tutor Sheila Beare, PTSTA Book now

Introduction to Counselling Skills

23rd to 25th March 2022

Are you thinking about training in counselling or psychotherapy? Or perhaps your work involves listening to people? Would enhancing your interpersonal skills benefit you in your career or personal life? This 3-day course will give you an understanding of the core concepts that underpin counselling skills, for example active listening, responding reflectively and working with resistance.

Tutors: Fiona Cook, PTSTA and Fiona Firman, PTSTA

CPD Sounds in Silence Exploring Phenomenology in Silence

26th and 27th March 2022

Curious about the use of silence and its purpose in psychotherapy and counselling? Sounds in Silence is offered as a space for practitioners to reflect on silence, experientially, theoretically and professionally.

Attendees at this online workshop are invited to explore their individual and group relationship with silence and how it could be impacting our relationship with our clients and vice versa.

Faciltiator Helen Davis, PTSTA

CPD The Art of the Therapeutic Storyteller

30th April 2022

Storytelling is an ancient art, stretching back thousands of years. As practitioners, how can we become the storyteller and what benefits can this have for our therapeutic relationships and work? Join this one-day workshop in person, at our training space in Edinburgh, to explore what stories may mean for you and your practice. Tutor Jennie Miller, PTSTA 30 April 2022 Early bird rate available, book now

CPD Parental Bereavement. All You Need to Know but Were too Afraid to Ask

2nd & 3rd July 2022

Online workshop for therapists working with grief and loss.

Facilitated by the renowned researcher and author in parental bereavement Dr Cathy McQuaid, we will explore the unique experiences of parental grief. The interactive sessions will examine how parents may cope with their grief, discuss theories and how as counsellors & psychotherapists we can help and support them.

CPD Setting up in Private Practice

17 July 2022

Join this one-day online workshop to provide you with a solid foundation to ensure your Private Practice is safe, ethical and successful.

Focus on what needs to be in place before working with clients and how to market yourself as a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Facilitators Fiona Firman, PTSTA and Fiona Melvin-Farr, Marketing Director

Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis 

Commencing September 2022 Applications welcome

Do you really enjoy working with people and would love to develop counselling skills to engage and support at a deeper level? Would you like to have a richer sense of yourself and how you react with others? Perhaps you are excited about the possibility of enhancing or even changing your career?

At Physis Scotland with energy, positivity and expert trainers, we can help you achieve this transformation.

Applications are now open for the Foundation Certificate in Transactional Analysis (TA) and we invite you to explore what is possible.

Tutors: Fiona Cook PTSTA and Fiona Firman PTSTA

Diploma in Counselling Supervision

Commencing October 2022 Applications Welcome

A popular and excellent course for experienced counsellors and psychotherapists ready and excited to expand their practice into the valuable area of Supervision.

Course Tutor Nicky Worrall PTSTA (P) is an expert in this field, with her own psychotherapy and supervision practice. Nicky will provide a place for practitioners to grow and develop both personally and professionally emulating the supervision experience. Knowledge of Transactional Analysis (TA) is not a prerequisite for this course.

The Diploma course has Advanced Specialist training recognition with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and awarded full COSCA validation.


What a start to 2022!   To be able to announce the launch of the Low-Cost Counselling Service, as an opportunity for our students to develop their skills while supporting the local community, has been our ambition for some time.

At the same time our busy programme of courses and CPDs are rolling out, and we look forward to welcoming you as you continue your growth and development.  New opportunities are always being added, do keep checking the website or our social media channels.

As always any queries contact us via email or mobile 07927 557217.

Best wishes

Fiona Firman, Fiona Cook, Sheila Beare, Jennie Miller and Fiona Melvin-Farr Directors, Physis Scotland


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