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Exciting New Developments at Physis!!

Straight from the giraffe’s mouth – you heard it here first folks!!

Picture of giraffe

It is all go here at Physis HQ as we plan for a new year of Advanced Training beginning in October, and the return of familiar faces to form the Senior Training Group for this year.

However, there is a strange and almost magical hum in the background too, as something new is starting to fizz and buzz with energy and excitement.

From the Autumn, two new, bright and energetic forces to be reckoned with will be taking on the delightful challenge of organising TA101 workshops, promoting TA training on a Physis Open Day, and meeting and greeting new recruits for the Foundation Year programme that will start again in September 2018.

Fiona Cook and Fiona Firman will be taking the word out into the world that Physis is continuing to deliver excellence in counselling and psychotherapy training, and that our new Foundation Year will be ready and raring to go in October next year, having taken a brief pause to catch our breath.

You can find out more about the intrepid twosome on our “People” page

If you would like more information about future Physis TA101 workshops or Foundation Year, please contact Fiona and Fiona on


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