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A New Home for Physis Scotland

Home is where the heart is or so the old saying goes. Many of us can share this sentiment for our own homes and will perhaps have fond memories of the homes we have lived in over the years. It’s been so interesting for us these last few months after Physis moved out of Relationship Scotland, because we have felt a bit like hobos, with our library and other training materials scattered around the country quite literally, and having to rent various premises in Edinburgh to run our taster evenings, open mornings, CPD events and also our training weekends for the Foundation Year just started and the existing senior training group. It’s been tricky and costly on many levels to be honest.

Having a home became top of our agenda over the summer and we started looking for premises that would house us all and become a place that we associated lovingly with the training programme we provide. One day when we were driving along, ‘Hawkeye’ Firman spotted a to let sign outside a beautiful property in Drumsheugh Gardens. Wasting no time, we were in touch with the estate agents and went to view the property a week later. To say we felt charmed by the place was an understatement, but more importantly for us, it felt like home.

So, we set to work, negotiating the deal with estate agents, landlords and solicitors until we were happy with what we could afford and were comfortable with. The result is that we have signed a lease and picked up the keys this morning for a beautiful lower ground apartment at 22 Drumsheugh Gardens in Edinburgh. We need to furnish the space now so it will become a beautiful place to work in. A home in fact.

The 2 Fionas plan to move their respective private practices in very soon, and hope to start running the rest of Physis business from there in January 2019.

For interested colleagues, we will be able to rent out a therapy space at our new home Tuesdays to Fridays, and also have a training room to rent for supervision groups or training, so please do consider this option and get in touch with us if you are interested.

Watch this space for details of our opening bash.


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