Two day course: Sat 21 and Sun 22 September 2019

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Dr Cathy McQuaid TSTA(P)

Who is it aimed at?

Therapists whether qualified or still in training, supervisors, and trainers.

Course Outline

This workshop will offer us a space to consider our underlying inspirations for becoming a therapist. We will explore the impact of our work as therapists and how these experiences may or may not influence those motivations and vice versa.

There will be an opportunity to explore how your work as a counsellor and/or psychotherapist impacts on you psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

There will be space to acknowledge the potential stresses and strains on us as we practice through a creative exercise which will also prepare and support us to make greater personal use of our supervision.

We will look at our own resources and identify personal strengths and limitations that may help or hinder our work.

Further, there will be easy to use resources that can de-stress and refresh us in our daily practice. This workshop will be stimulating, inspiring and energizing.

So bring yourself, your work and your curiosity to see what else you can do to support and nourish yourself whilst undertaking the challenging role as a therapist.


For the participants to explore what it means for them to be a counsellor or psychotherapist whether this is emotionally, psychologically, physically or spiritually and to consider how their Script helps or hinders them in their work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual impact on them of their work as a counsellor or psychotherapist.
  2. To identify how their Script may help or hinder them in their work.
  3. To identify a range of resources to help restore their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual balance.

Course Structure

The structure for each day is as follows:

  • Introductions and contracting
  • Working in pairs and small groups
  • Creative exercise
  • Working in pairs and small groups
  • Larger group discussions
  • Feedback and Close.

Facilitator’s Biography

The workshop is being facilitated by Dr Cathy McQuaid DPsych, TSTA (P), MSc (Psychotherapy), Dip Clinical Supervision, CTA(P), UKCP Registered.

Cathy is a psychotherapist, researcher, trainer, supervisor and psychotherapy training consultant. She is also one of the EATA delegates representing the four UK TA organisations. Cathy’s current interests concern training of trainers and training standards in counselling and psychotherapy. As a result of her doctoral research Cathy published her first book for counsellors, psychotherapists and their trainers What You Really Need to Know About Counselling and Psychotherapy Training: An Essential Guide with Routledge in 2014. In addition to writing and researching Cathy runs a supervision and training consultancy in the North West and offers research and training supervision and various CPD training courses and workshops both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

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