Course Outline
This workshop will explore:
• What is safeguarding? What does it mean to you as a practitioner, in what ways do you address safeguarding issues?
• Legal obligations that organisations and individuals must fulfil in order to meet the requirements for the protection of children and of At Risk adults.
• Best practice in identification and management of risk and safeguarding issues within counselling & psychotherapy private practice.
• UKATA and Safeguarding

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the day participants will have:

• A greater awareness of legal requirements in relation to safeguarding
• A greater awareness of the role of agencies in safeguarding children and At Risk adults and the prevention of abuse
• A greater knowledge of statutory procedures in child protection
• An understanding of decision-making processes within child protection, including taking emergency action and making referrals to Social Care
• A greater understanding of ensuring effective, professional practice, information-sharing and record-keeping

Course Structure
We will encounter the theory and ethics regarding these issues, using large and small group discussion and facilitated exploration of case studies and examples. The workshop aims to be stimulating and thought provoking and ultimately empowering of the practitioner and client.

Facilitator’s Biography

Bev Gibbons CTA, MA (TAPsych) is a highly trained counsellor and TA Psychotherapist, with many years experience of managing a complex service to clients and families with diverse needs in a “deprived area”, alongside clinical work both within the organization and in private practice. She is passionate about ethics and safeguarding, and is currently a key member of the UKATA Safeguarding committee.

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