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Bev Gibbons

Who is it aimed at?

Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Course Outline

Safeguarding refers to the process of protecting children and adults to provide safe and effective care. This includes all procedures designed to prevent harm to a child.

Safeguarding can be confusing, difficult, and not without controversy when working as counsellors and psychotherapists with our clients.
The workshop will provide a combined adult/child safeguarding awareness training to meet the requirements of the duty of care that we have as front-line practitioners, and as their supervisors, working with children and young people and also with adults at risk.

The workshop will give an overview of the different types of abuse, your responsibilities in reporting concerns, and the process and procedures that enable you to do that.

The course will also cover limits of confidentiality and information-sharing and will explore pre-trial therapy considerations.

The course will be discussion-based, in line with best practice principles around safeguarding – which is all about voicing, naming and having conversations. There will be some small group work to consider TA and safeguarding, ethics and safeguarding and to apply thinking to a range of scenarios.


The aim of this workshop is to inform and support best practice, expand awareness and increase confidence by providing clear, concise and up to date information and guidance, and by inviting thinking, reflection and discussion.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will have a greater understanding and awareness of:

  • Definitions of abuse. Contracting. Fraser/Gillick competence. Concern and Disclosure Process. Ethics and ethical decision-making.
  • Case Studies. Barriers to disclosure. Practitioner Self Care
  • Participants will have greater understanding of the decision-making process in safeguarding and greater confidence in engaging with thinking about safeguarding and integrating safe practice into their work

Course Structure

Information, discussion, experiential work, group work.

Facilitator’s Biography

Bev is passionate about getting TA ‘out there’ so that as many people as possible are aware of it and can have the opportunity to experience themselves positively through its great potential to transform. She is committed to working and developing work across all 4 TA fields, and to continuing to explore and experience the potential in relational, co-created processes.

Bev is a PTSTA (P) and has a BA Hons in integrative counselling, she works as a trainer, supervisor and therapist in private practice, and is currently vice-chair of UKATA Council and chair of the UKATA Safeguarding Committee.

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