From Firefighting to Future-proofing

From Firefighting to Future-proofing: What We Can Learn From Our Responses To The Covid-19 Crisis

Online CPD Workshop


Lucy Hyde

Who is it aimed at?

Counsellors, therapists and other therapeutic workers.

Course Outline

At times of stress, we can find ourselves reacting in archaic ways, and focusing on what is difficult or negative. In this workshop we’ll pay attention to

  • how we build on what we learn from our response to the C-19 crisis
  • looking at the path ahead
  • how we can allow ourselves to be human and attend to our own self-care at a time of potential burn-out


To explore learning opportunities within participants’ responses to the C-19 pandemic, with the aim of recognising existing strengths and developing potential for greater resilience in our practice and ourselves.

Learning Outcomes

  • To evaluate options for different ways of working with clients that account for our own skills and expertise
  • To explore the ethical and practical aspects to working with clients online
  • To attend to practitioner wellbeing and the role that this plays in a successful practice
  • To consider realistic goals for further personal and professional development

Course Structure

This will be an interactive and experiential learning workshop as well as including tutoring around online working considerations, and will include regular screen breaks.

Facilitator’s Biography

Lucy Hyde is a therapist working in private practice. In addition to seeing clients in person in Edinburgh and East Lothian, she has a thriving online practice, having completed a diploma in counselling online in 2017, following on from her core training in Transactional Analysis. She has a particular interest in Inner Relationship Focusing and the opportunities that this practice brings for making contact with suppressed or unwanted parts of the self, and is currently undertaking Focusing Practitioner training.

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